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Archive August 2015 XVI, No. 8


Why Do ASCs Fail?
Any of several scenarios can turn a thriving center into an empty shell.

Breaking Bad
The pressure to meet Wall Street expectations blinded a medical device executive to participate in an elaborate channel-stuffing scheme to defraud investors.

Patient Warming Pays Off
Our real-world research attempted to identify the most effective and economical option in hypothermia prevention.

Enhance Your Surface Disinfection Efforts
Wipes and whole room disinfection ensure ORs are as clean as possible.

2015 Cataract Technology Survey
A look at how your peers are embracing recent innovations.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Shades of Difference
A Colorful Way to Help Patients ID Providers

Ideas That Work: DIY Paging System
An Affordable Way to Protect Patient Privacy

Ideas That Work: Lower Your Payroll
Your Time Clock May Be Costing You Thousands

Ideas That Work: Safe Medication Practice
Know the Drug's Expiration Date at a Glance

Ideas That Work: Assignment Cards
A Simple Trick to Streamline Room Turnover

Ideas That Work: Using Your Noodle
Cover the Tops of Stretcher Side Rails

Ideas That Work: Recycle Used Solution Bottles
Another Option for Containing Unruly Cords

Ideas That Work: Innovative Ideas
The Many Roles of Red


Editor's Page: Surgeon Report Cards Get Failing Grade
They don't always measure what matters most to patients.

Letters & E-mail
Does Exparel Work Any Better Than Bupivacaine?

Anesthesia Alert: Reduce PONV by "Bookending" Propofol
The key is to get gas out of the patient's system.

Infection Prevention: Battling Biofilm
Are your reprocessing practices up to the task?

Thinking of Buying ... Airway Visualization Technology
It's not just for training and emergencies anymore.

Cutting Remarks: Famous Last Words
Classic pre-induction comments from patients.

In Case You Missed It
A recap of the hottest headlines from our online news coverage.

Behind Closed Doors: Paula's Attitude Adjustment
Accept nothing less than a good day.

August 2015

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