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Archive March 2013 XIV, No. 3


Same-Day Total Joints at an ASC
Patients are leaving this surgery center, smiling and pain-free, in less than 4 hours.

Keys to Keeping Your Ortho Patients Comfortable
Minimizing post-op pain and PONV leads to faster discharges and more satisfied patients.

5 Keys to More Efficient Arthroscopy
A surgeon and an anesthesiologist share how they keep their facility moving and score high on patient satisfaction.

3 Steps to Better Ortho Preps
Protect your joint replacement patients with the right skin prep, pre-op showers and staph screenings.

The Ins and Outs of 3D C-Arms
Make the most of improved image rendering with these tips.

New Trends in Power Tools
Cordless, single-use, handheld devices will soon hit the market.

Tips for Smart Instrument Shopping
How we've made sure to get the most out of our investment.

The Secret to Rapid Room Turnover
Tear open an OR turnover kit for all the supplies you need to ready the room for the next case.

5 Flexible Scope Reprocessing Enhancers
Dedicated techs working with the latest technologies keep busy case schedules on track.

Think You Can't Make Medication Errors?
Check out these actual breaches in drug safety and security for a dose of reality.

Does Your Decontamination Make the Grade?
Avoid these pitfalls in the process.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Room With A View
Observation Room Gives Students Cinematic View of Surgery

Ideas That Work: Waste Management
Make Drug Disposal Easier for Your Staff

Ideas That Work: Keep Surgeons Moving
Signs That Tell Your Surgeons Where to Go

Ideas That Work: Lab Authentication
Proof That Your Docs Reviewed Pre-Op Tests

Ideas That Work: Reverse Osmosis
Distilled Water, Right From the Tap

Ideas That Work: Clear Bin Storage
A Quick Fix For Clutter

Ideas That Work: Wiggle Your Toes
The Power of Distraction When Starting An IV


Editor's Page - Let's Not Compound the Compounding Problem
Tighter regulations needed in the wake of the NECC debacle.

Letters & E-mails

Staffing - Is Your Staff About to Explode?
4 tips for resolving issues and relieving everyday stress.

Business Advisor - When Patients Google You, What Will They Find?
Keys to creating your facility's online persona.

Coding & Billing - Keeping Up With Glaucoma Coding
As glaucoma surgery evolves, getting paid your due can be tricky.

Safety - Crown a Safety Champion
Ensure that protocols are followed and patients are protected.

Infection Prevention - Antiseptic Doesn't Mean Contamination-Free
Ensure your prep and cleaning solutions prevent, instead of contribute to, infection.

Thinking of Buying ... Retina Surgery Platforms
Look for speed, control and the best deal.

Product News

Cutting Remarks - Will the OR Drama Ever End?
One big, happy family in the OR? Yeah, right.

Behind Closed Doors - A Letter From the Night Shift
Someone's on duty when the rest of us aren't.

March 2013

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