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Archive October 2012 XIII, No. 10


The Benefits of Online Registration
Pre-op screening software lets patients create their own medical histories on their own time, saving your nurses hours of telephone tag.

Your Guide to Multimodal Anesthesia
Pain is multifactorial, so your treatment should target all components.

Inside Our Multimodal PONV Protocol
A comprehensive plan to substantially reduce nausea and vomiting.

8 Great Tools To Enhance Cataract Surgery
Make complex cases easier, speed turnover and avoid delays.

Smart Ways To Save on Anesthesia
How our facility has maximized efficiency and cost savings to maintain the anesthesia budget.

Who Doesn't Like LEDs?
The question isn't if you should upgrade your lights, but what to look for when you do.

Secrets to Our No-Flash Policy
One of the busiest cataract centers in the nation has gone nearly 7 years without immediate-use flashing. What's their secret?

Adding Pain Management Painlessly
If you've got a C-arm and a table, there's no reason why you can't add pain cases.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Waiting Room Etiquette
Classy Way to Notify Patient's Family

Ideas That Work: Supply Management
Don't Let Another Dated Supply Expire

Ideas That Work: Peer Review
Handy Tool Makes Credentialing Easier

Ideas That Work: Parting Gift
Send Patients Home With a Travel Mug


Editor's Page - Addicted to Stress?
You're in the right job if you get a high from stressful situations.

Staffing - Hire From Outside or Promote From Within?
Insiders hit the ground running and tend to outperform outsiders.

Coding & Billing - Beware the Auditors' Dirty Tricks
Proper coding alone isn't always enough to protect earned revenue.

Business Advisor - A Few Things We Can Control
Focus on your facility's economy, not the global one.

Infection Prevention - Take Our Surface Disinfection Quiz
See if you clean up on this 7-question test.

Medical Malpractice - Malpractice Trends in the Ambulatory Arena
As cases migrate to the outpatient setting, claims are following.

Anesthesia Alert - Are You Ready to Manage Diabetic Patients?
Expect to see more of them. Here are 8 tips for glycemic control.

Thinking of Buying - Anesthesia Machines
New options bring electronic advances.

Legal Update - Hard Truth About the False Claims Act
The federal government is increasingly targeting billing fraud.

Product News

Cutting Remarks - What's on Your Playlist?
Music can really lift the spirits of the entire OR staff — provided we're listening to my tunes.

Behind Closed Doors - My Back-to-Work Shopping List
Must-have items for the tastefully appointed surgical nurse.

October 2012

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