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Archive September 2011 XII, No. 9


2011 OR Excellence Awards
Our 3rd annual celebration of surgery's top performers.

10 Commandments for Preventing SSIs
With surgical site infections, prevention is far better than the cure.

A Show of Hands on Surgical Gloves
Here"s what you told us about how you buy this essential supply.

Make Direct-to-Drain Fluid Waste Disposal Work for You
Advice from facilities that successfully upgraded to the systems that shield surgeons and staff from exposure to infectious waste.

How We Succeeded With Outpatient Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Hysterectomy patients at this Dallas surgery center go home the same day. Here"s how.

The Outlook on Outsourcing
Our reader survey on successfully contracting services.

Total Knee Totally Outpatient
With the right equipment and training, you can send patients home the day of surgery.

New Products for Flexible Endoscopy
Your guide to the latest in scopes and scope reprocessing.

Thinking of Buying...High-Definition Video Display Monitors
Seeing, and service, is believing.


Editor's Page
Slings and Arrows

Letters & E-mails

Ideas That Work
ATM-style prescription drug dispenser

The Art of the Employee Interview

Medical Malpractice
Blame Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder on Mesh?

Business Advisor
5 Profit-Building Secrets of Busy Pain Centers

The Physician-Owner
Increase Your ASC's Value Before You Sell

Legal Update
Sued? Follow These Do's and Don'ts

Eye on Ophthalmology
Shunts and Stents for Glaucoma

EMR Countdown
Test Drive Your EMR Before You Buy

Anesthesia Alert
The Case for Consciousness Monitors

Take Another Look at Sharps Safety

Cutting Remarks
Here's to You, Chito

Behind Closed Doors
You'd Better Watch Out

September 2011