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Archive August 2011 XII, No. 8


What Caused This Surgical Site Infection?
Several breaches in practice turned a routine ACL repair into a Staphylococcus aureus infection.

Can You Pass This Pathology Quiz?
Test your knowledge of proper specimen handling and packaging protocols.

7 Tips to Turbocharge Your Surgical Safety Checklist
No matter where you are on your checklist journey, this advice from an aviation safety expert will help you reap the rewards of a well-designed checklist system.

New Technology for Ophthalmic Surgery
Cataract lasers, scope improvements and other "exciting leaps forward."

Don't Flash Without a Flash Sterilization Container
These specially designed sealed vessels let you safely transport sterilized items from the autoclave to the OR.

Retinal Surgery Success Strategies
A little investment plus an excellent surgeon equals a profitable specialty.

The Benefits of Image-Guided Sinus Surgery
Surgeons perform delicate maneuvers with confidence during smoother, safer procedures.

How Stretcher Tables Perform in Practice
Saving time and reducing risk from pre-op through PACU.

Keys to Profitable Fracture Repair
6 tips for doing more than breaking even.

Thinking of Buying...Trocars
Abdominal access comes in many forms.


Editor's Page
Breakfast With a Reader

Letters & E-mails

Ideas That Work
Save on nurses' salaries

Coding & Billing
Take the Pain Out of Coding Sinus Surgery

Compliance Corner
Show Me the Documentation

Infection Prevention
Are Reusable Gowns and Drapes Right for You?

Noise Pollution in the OR

Product News
A pediatric warming gown, user-friendly inventory management, secure media storage and more.

Behind Closed Doors
Pass the Ear Plugs

August 2011

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