Archive April 2008 IX, No. 4


Ways to Reduce Opioid Use
A multimodal pain regimen reduces nausea, vomiting and sedation - and keeps patients smiling in PACU.

6 Patient Positioning Pointers
Experts share tips that can improve patient and staff safety.

Is it Time to Add Spine?
Minimally invasive techniques and a strong reimbursement outlook are fueling the specialty's growth to more facilities.

Getting the Most Out of Your Distributor
What else can it deliver you?

The Never-ending Evolution of Cataract Surgery
Keep up with a growing list of cataract instrument options.

The Latest in Blood Vessel Cutting and Sealing
One surgeon's thoughts on the latest modalities, important design features and safeguards to consider when reviewing today's options.

Thinking of Buying...An Imaging Table
Radiolucence and tabletop motion set this equipment apart.


Editor's Page
The Lesson Lies in Malignant Hyperthermia

Letters & E-mails
Criticizing Our Covers

This Just In
Prominent Lawyer Invests in ASC Clients

Ideas That Work
No More Telephone Tag

Business Advisor
OR Scheduling Not So Block and White

Are You Management Material?

Medical Malpractice
A Case of Inadequate Informed Consent

Legal Update
Is Your Facility Environmentally Compliant?

Coding & Billing
Quirks of the New ASC Payment System

Anesthesia Alert
Staffing Your PACU for Peak Periods

Path Lab
How to Shop for the Best Pathology Service

Product News
Ophthalmic Scope Shows More Details

Behind Closed Doors
Cutting Wit

April 2008

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