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Archive Surgical Construction Guide 2020

On Point: A One-Stop Shop for Surgical Care
The benefits of building a new surgery center in an old department store.

Facility Spotlight
The brand new Lighthouse Surgery Center is a shining example of design innovation.

See What's New in Surgical Video
When outfitting ORs, focus on installing state-of-the-art imaging systems.

Laying the Foundation for Total Joints
Increased demand for hip and knee replacements is the driving force behind the building of new ortho-only facilities.

Set Up for Success in Sterile Processing
Upgrades can lead to more efficient and effective instrument care.

The Ritz Carlton of Spine
DISC Surgery Center in Newport Beach, Calif., combines perfect form with plenty of function.

Putting Plans in Place for ENT
An inside look at the development of central Virginia's only dedicated ear, nose and throat surgery center.

Building Infection-Free ORs
Consider the impact architecture and design can have on SSI rates.

Gearing Up for GI
Build your program on the essential elements found in leading endoscopy centers.

It Takes a Total Team Effort
Lean on the advice of trusted professionals while planning and building a new facility.

Equipped for Efficiency
Invest in technologies that keep your facility operating at full speed.

A Manhattan Masterpiece of Modern Design
Q&A with Suzen Heeley, IIDA, LEED, AP, healthcare interior designer and creator of surgery's neat new look.

Outpatient Surgery Magazine's Architects' Showcase