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Archive Staff & Patient Safety Guide 2019

Spread the Word About Surgical Smoke Safety
My evacuation success story could guide efforts to clear the OR air in your facility.

Focus on the Fundamentals Of Radiation Safety
Understanding the principles of time, distance and shielding will limit your team's exposure risks.

5 Ways to Slash Sharps Injuries
Take a proactive approach to protect surgeons and staff from sticks and cuts.

Are You Ready to Manage MH?
Good planning and plenty of practice will help you stay calm, cool and collected when stress levels rise.

Leave Nothing Behind
Combining scanning technology with a meticulous manual count is your best defense against retained objects.

Inside Our Pressure Injury Prevention Program
It's been 2 years and counting since a patient has suffered skin-related harm during surgery.

Patient Warming Pitfalls to Avoid
One of surgery's most basic patient safety practices is riskier than you might think.

Who's Looking Out for the Providers?
You owe it to your team to reduce the risks of slips, trips and back strains.

How Safe Is Your Sterile Processing Department?
Protect your reprocessing team from these 5 injury risks.

Sign the Right Correct Site
It takes plenty of planning and persistence to ensure surgeons always hit the mark.

Operate Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Q&A with Robert Hackett, MD, anesthesiologist and inspiration of the #TheatreCapChallenge.

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