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Archive Patient Safety Guide 2009

Are You Warming Patients Effectively?
See if you're making any of these 5 common errors.

6 Keys to Improved Medication Safety
Expert advice for keeping drugs secure and ensuring the right dose at the right time to the right patient.

Fire Risk Assessment: A Score for Patient Safety
We developed a simple tool to measure fire risks in the OR after the unthinkable happened — twice.

Can Wrong-site Surgery Happen On Your Watch?
Not if you review the answers to these often-asked questions about proper surgical site-marking protocols.

Proper Positioning for Special Patient Groups
Prepare your staff for the challenges of handling geriatric, bariatric and diabetic patients.

Shield Patients and Staff From Stray Electrical Current
Knowing your electrosurgical equipment can help prevent patient burns and OR fires.

7 Steps to Stopping Cross-contamination
Review these basic precautions to protect patients from the dangers that lurk throughout your facility.

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