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Archive Orthopedic Surgery Guide 2017

Get On Board With Bundled Payments
Orthopedics is leading the way in the revamping of reimbursements.

Advancements in Arthroscopy Visualization
Imaging, instrument and irrigation upgrades will give your surgeons the clear views they crave.

3 Game-Changers in Joint Replacement Surgery
Enhanced pain control protocols, robotics and improved implant designs help send patients home in hours, not days.

Q&A on Safe Tourniquet Use
Practices to reduce the risk of patient harm.

Robotic Knee Replacement
Robotic arms help surgeons prepare the bone with sub-millimeter accuracy and place the implant with spot-on precision.

Maximize Multimodal Pain Management
Controlling post-op pain with fewer opioids is more important than ever.

Keep Fluid Waste Off the Floor
Today's collection and disposal solutions speed room turnovers and protect staff from harm.

Drilling Down on Power Tools
Time to invest in a new handpiece? Keep these factors in mind.

Is It Time to Add Spinal Fusion?
Minimally invasive techniques have transformed a complex open surgery into a viable outpatient option.

Why We Built an Orthopedic Urgent Care Center
Broken arms and sprained knees don't always happen during normal business hours.

Is Going Rep-less the Way to Go?
Why some facilities may be looking to usher vendor reps out of the OR.

Positioned for Success
Efforts to protect patients and maximize access start before the first incision.

Lessons Learned From My Time on the Table
Q&A with Ira Kirschenbaum, MD, joint-replacement surgeon turned joint-replacement patient.

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