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Archive Orthopedic Surgery Guide 2016

Teaming Up Over Total Joints
A hospital and an ASC discover collaboration beats competition.

Surgery's Hottest Trend: Same-Day Joint Replacement
The Andrews Institute ASC has realized the many benefits of adding outpatient total joints.

Pick a Picture-Perfect Arthroscopy Video Platform
Focus on the features your orthopods want in a new imaging system.

Is Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement For You?
The technology produces better outcomes and could send patients flocking to your center.

Up and Running With Uni Knees
Adding partial replacements is a great way to launch an outpatient joint program.

Time for New Power Tools?
Look for these essential features when you upgrade.

Shopping for Safer Tourniquets
These features help prevent pressure-related injuries and other potentially serious complications.

Fed Up With Fluid Waste?
Capture arthroscopy's runoff before it makes a mess of your ORs.

Near-Perfect Pain Control
Inside a surgical hospital's multimodal regimen.

Orthopedic Positioning Pointers in Photos
When procedures call for you to suspend limbs, articulate joints and hyperextend necks, injuries are just waiting to happen.

Is an Orthopedic Urgent Care Center for You?
Because accidents don't keep regular business hours, neither should you.

The Past and Future of Outpatient Joints
Q&A with Richard Berger, MD, hip and knee replacement pioneer.

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