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Archive Infection Control Guide 2020

Infection Prevention's Big Moment
Amid the COVID-19 crisis, a back-to-basics mantra emerges.

Prewarming Works Wonders
Early interventions to maintain normothermia reduce infection risks and increase patient satisfaction.

Are Your Instruments Really Clean?
Ensure tools have been properly reprocessed before they're used on another patient.

Need Help Improving Instrument Care?
Expert consultants offer fresh ideas and new approaches to make change happen in the sterile processing department.

Standardize Your Skin Prepping Practices
Reducing variation and rooting out technique flaws are the keys to preventing SSIs.

Scope Reprocessing Starts at the Bedside
Follow the essentials of endoscope disinfecting, drying and storage.

Ready for the New Normal in Surface Disinfection?
Revisit your protocols before a return to the pace of pre-pandemic surgery.

Making Sense of the COVID-19 Crisis
Q&A with Timothy P. Lahey, MD, MMSC, infectious disease doctor and medical ethicist.