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Archive Infection Control Guide 2018

On Point
No More Excuses

5 Ways to Standardize Skin Prepping Practices
Applying preps the same way every time eliminates the variables that increase infection risk.

Are Your Endoscopes Really Clean?
Don't bet on it. A study shows just how difficult the devices are to disinfect.

Patient Warming Stops SSIs Cold
Maintaining normothermia promotes wound healing and helps reduce infection risks.

Scratch Beneath the Surface
Audit the effectiveness of OR cleaning by taking a big-picture view of the entire process.

Stop the Spread of MRSA
Nasal decolonization is a practical way to lower infection risks.

A Look Inside Low-Temp Sterilization
6 points to keep in mind about reprocessing heat-sensitive instruments.

Make the Switch to Rigid Sterilization Containers
Do away with blue wrap for reprocessing high-volume instrument sets.

Combat Biofilm
Tips to prevent bacteria's slimy fortress from forming on your instruments.

Twice the Protection
Double gloving prevents injury and infection, so why aren't more surgical teams doing it?

Get Reprocessing Right With Every Tool, Every Time
Q&A with Weston "Hank" Balch, CRCST, CER, CIS, CHL, instrument care expert and sterile processing podcaster.