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Archive Infection Control Guide 2017

Inside Our Journey to Zero SSIs
It took evidence-based practices and hard work to eliminate infections.

Souped-up Surface Cleaning
Whole-room disinfection solutions and fine-tuned manual scrubbing will eradicate infection-causing microorganisms.

5 Burning Questions About Patient Warming
Separating fact from fiction on ways to prevent hypothermia and lower infection risks.

Kryptonite for Superbugs
3 surefire ways to strengthen your infection prevention protocols to neutralize antimicrobial-resistant bacteria.

Lessons in Lumened Instrument Cleaning
Follow these tips to ensure reprocessing's critical first step is performed correctly each and every time.

6 Rules for Rigid Sterilization Container Use
Practical steps to ensure the barrier between impurities and your instruments remains strong.

Make No Mistake: Prepping the Skin Takes Time
How to convince your surgeons and staff that a proper skin prep can't be rushed.

The Lowdown on Low-temp Sterilization
Maximize your use of alternatives to the autoclave to reprocess heat-sensitive devices and flexible endoscopes.

Get Buy-in for Bundles To Reduce Infection Risks
Q&A with Chad Buhs, MD, surgeon champion of SSI prevention.