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Archive Infection Control Guide 2016

Take the Bundled Approach To Infection Control
Standardized protocols optimize efforts to prevent SSIs.

Standardize Your Skin Prep Practices
Get patients, surgeons and staff on board with your pre-op bathing, hair-clipping and skin-antisepsis protocols.

The New Standard in Endoscope Reprocessing
A new national guideline offers clear advice for proper high-level disinfection.

Is FDA's Push to Ban Powdered Gloves Long Overdue?
Experts say severe health hazards have been well known for years.

Making Sure It's Sterile
Sterilization assurance confirms what you can't see.

The Link Between Warming and Wound Infections
The latest evidence shows that hypothermia during surgery is associated with greater infection risk.

5 Tips for Better Instrument Decontamination
Removing variables and automating the process are the keys to better cleaning.

Look Beneath the Surface
Take an in-depth look at how you disinfect your clinical environment.

Burning Platforms, Coordinated Care and SSI Prevention
Q&A with Zeev Kain, MD, PhD, anesthesiologist and perioperative surgical home proponent.