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Archive Infection Control Guide 2013

A Hands-On Approach To Improved Infection Control
If you're aiming to minimize SSIs, hand hygiene is an ideal starting point.

Inside Our Antibiotic Delivery Success
We've achieved 100% compliance in selecting the correct medication and delivering it on time.

3 Sure-Fire Steps to Standardized Preps
How we secured frontline buy-in and ensure continued compliance.

Are Your Rooms Really Clean?
Validate staff's surface disinfection efforts to find out.

Dealing With Fluid Waste Management's Uncertain Future
We're standing behind our recalled direct-to-drain system — for now.

What's Wrong With This Picture?
Spot the barrier protection missteps in these real-life photos.

7 Keys to Effective Decontamination
Steps you can take to avoid breaches in surgical instrument reprocessing.

Does Pre-Op Warming Matter?
Our QI study found that intraoperative and post-op warming maintain normothermia.

Clean or Contaminated?
Did an endoscopic solution impair our scope reprocessing?