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Archive Infection Control Guide 2012

Why Does Patient Warming Matter?
The importance of staving off hypothermia goes well beyond patient comfort.

How Well Do You Know Your Low-Temperature Sterilization Options?
Moist heat in the form of saturated steam under pressure is the most dependable way to destroy all forms of microbial life.

Know Your Wipes, Mops & Sprays
See if you clean up on this 10-question surface disinfection quiz.

Brushing up on Surgical Gloves
A quiz about barrier protection’s front line of defense.

How Do You Dispose of Fluid Waste?
The choices boil down to employee safety, cost and your clinical needs.

Stay on Top of High-Level Disinfection
Is your endoscope reprocessing compliant with standards?

The Down and Dirty on Decontamination
See if you’re using the right equipment and procedures when getting instruments ready for sterilizing.

Prep the Site Right
Avoid SSIs with this review of pre-incision basics.