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Archive Infection Control Guide 2010

Is Your ASC Ready for Increased Scrutiny?
CMS surveyors are reacting to reports of disease outbreaks related to improper practices in ambulatory care facilities.

The Rising Stakes of Endoscope Reprocessing
A pair of recent safety advisories shines the spotlight back on proper scope cleaning and disinfection practices.

Review Your Surgical Scrub Protocols
The who, what, where, why, when and how of surgical hand antisepsis.

Debunking 5 Surface Disinfection Myths
Misconceptions continue to muddle the proper cleaning of non-critical surfaces.

Clearing the Confusion Over Flashing
Inside one of the most misunderstood, abused and controversial practices.

Tools & Techniques for Safe Fluid Waste Disposal
How to protect staff, patients and the environment during one of the messiest jobs in the OR.

Your Updated Guide to Surgical Skin Preps
5 tips to help you navigate new developments in surgical skin antisepsis.