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Archive Infection Control Guide 2009

7 Steps to Better Prepping
Remove barriers to compliance and arm your staff with the skills they need to effectively prep patients' skin for surgery.

How to Perform a Proper Hand Scrub
In looking for the hard-to-find causes of surgical site infections, we sometimes overlook the most basic of precautions.

4 Easy Steps to Effective Decontamination
Remember this cornerstone of instrument reprocessing: Surgical instruments must be cleaned before they are sterilized.

Hands-on Protection
The next time you don gloves before surgery, remind yourself that they're the only barrier between your hands and the patient's skin.

Handle Waste Safely and Smartly
Follow these 6 tips to reduce red bag costs and limit infection risks.

Turn Up the Heat on SSIs
Keeping patients warm can help reduce the risk of infection.

Protect Yourself From Head to Toe
Does your staff adhere to these 5 crucial barrier precautions?

Yes or No to Home Laundering?
We turn this hotly debated issue inside-out.

What You Don't Know About Surface Disinfection Can Hurt You
Though seemingly simple — spray, wait, wipe — there's much that can go wrong.

Protective Coatings Attack SSIs at the Site
Antibiotics covering the surfaces of medical devices and surgical implants fight infections before they happen.