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Archive Infection Control Guide 2008

Learning to Glove Again
Surgical gloves are a no-brainer barrier. Here's a reminder why.

Does Your Cleaning Scratch the Surface?
While it's not the most glamorous job, surface disinfection should be more than just an afterthought.

A Review of Hand Hygiene
Take a second look at why and how your staff preps for surgery to reinforce your scrubbing and rubbing protocols.

The Practice of Prepping
How pre-op skin preparation fits into your infection control protocol.

The Essentials of Endoscope Reprocessing
Detailed cleaning and high-level disinfection will prevent infection transmission during GI's high-volume procedures.

The Importance of Antibiotic Protocols
Reviewing the science behind proper drug selection and administration will give your staff a better idea of why compliance matters.

Keep the Sterile Field Under Cover
Let's review the basics of draping and gowning.

Your Role in Reprocessing
What an administrator must know about instrument sterilization.

Take Our Infection Prevention Matching Test
A quick review of some infection control terminology you should know.