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Archive Infection Control Guide 2007

Can the OR Team Cause SSIs?
Bacteria from the hands of a surgeon or staff member can cause infections.

How Maintaining Normothermia Can Reduce Infections
A little coldness can cause a lot of problems for patients post-operatively.

Make Antibiotic Prophylaxis Work
How closely do you follow the protocols for timing and selection?

Hand Disinfection's Role in Infection Control
There might be an indirect link, but the evidence is surprisingly thin.

Reinforcing Barrier Protection
Masks, gloves and gowns protect staff and patients from harmful bacteria.

Understanding the Science Behind Prepping
The current evidence points to lower infection risks when you prep properly.

Winding Your Way Through the Wound Closure Data
What you use to close and cover wounds may help you prevent SSIs.

Looking Beyond the Surface
How proper surface disinfection can help prevent SSIs.

Sterile Processing's Link to Infections
In the fight against SSIs, prevention starts with sterile tools.

What's Lurking in Your Tap Water?
Mounting evidence makes it clear you should decontaminate your water supply.

Making Sense of Medical Waste Management
The final piece in your infection control program may also be the most regulated.