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Archive Infection Control Guide 2005

Editor's Page
Beyond Bactine and Band-Aids

Three Steps to Success with Surgical Rubs
Surgical rubs tend to promote compliance, but you can't force change on the surgical team. Here's how to win their acceptance.

Practical Tips for Glove Use
How to select and manage gloves depending on your needs.

The Current Role of Drapes in the OR
Confused about which drapes to use? Find out how protection standards can help you determine the barrier materials you need.

Brush Up Your Skin Prep Protocol
Tips for establishing a policy that will help reduce surgical site infections.

Preventing SSIs During Wound Closure
How we quickly and cheaply reduced our infection rate — without asking our docs to change their preference cards.

Maintain High Flexible Scope Reprocessing Standards
Infection rates are low, but the process is still error-prone. Here's a refresher.

Looking Beyond Steam Sterilization
Here's a review of your options and how to weigh the alternatives.

Developing a Sensible Flash Policy
Key components you need to incorporate to use this last resort properly.

Is It Time to Retire the Mop?
Rags and mops made of extremely fine synthetic microfiber might be more efficacious, economical and easy to use.

Your Guide to Tracking Infections
What to track and how to examine your processes for improvement.