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Archive Infection Control Guide 2004

Editor's Page
Help's here if you've little time to go through the constant barrage of new products, scientific studies and recommendations with a fine-toothed comb.

Inside the Numbers
Combating surgical site infections; JCAHO's intensified focus on healthcare-associated infections.

The Undeniable Connection Between Hand Hygiene and Infection Rates
A report on recent advances in hand-hygiene products and practices.

The Newest Alternatives to Steam
When steam's too harsh, and if you want to move away from ethylene oxide, gas plasma or ozone may be the answer.

Building Toward Consensus in GI Endoscope Reprocessing
Here are three reprocessing practices experts agree will help keep your risk of an infection outbreak as low as possible.

The Evolution of Personal Protection
The latest on the roles of patient drapes, gowns, masks and gloves in the OR.

Keeping Your OR Clean
Five guidelines for controlling the environment to help prevent contamination and infections.

5 Infection Control Controversies
Questions answered and answers questioned by leading infection experts.