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Archive Diversity in Surgery Guide 2019

Hope for the Future
Diversity challenges are real, but we can overcome them.

It's Time to Embrace Healthcare Diversity
Diversity is not just an important moral issue - it's an existential economic one.

9 Tips for Negotiating Language Barriers
For moral, legal and financial reasons, we must do better. Here's advice on how.

A Better Way to Care for Autistic Patients
This protocol makes care easier on and better for patients, families and providers.

Make Your Facility More Inclusive
Tips to help you navigate the landscape of sexual orientation and gender identification.

Fighting the Incivility War
Teaching and requiring respectful behavior improve staff morale, patient safety and the bottom line.

Is Your Facility Disability Friendly?
Take steps to ensure disabled patients and staff have comfortable access to every room.

Next Steps
If you're committed to becoming more diverse and inclusive, here are a few places to get help.

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