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Archive Anesthesia Guide 2017

What Makes Us Anesthesia Providers Tick
Head-of-the table insights for getting the most out of your providers.

Tools for Better Airway Management
Advanced devices and expert techniques have anesthesia providers — and their patients — breathing easier.

5 Tips for Continuous Nerve Block Success
Seasoned pros share their secrets for managing post-op pain long after patients leave your facility.

Manning the MHAUS Hotline
Answers to 10 common questions about malignant hyperthermia.

The Case for Capnography
Monitoring of end tidal CO2 is an essential patient safety practice your facility shouldn't be without.

Thinking of Buying a New Anesthesia Machine?
If features don't add value to patient care in the outpatient environment, you can end up overspending.

The Quest for Patient-Pleasing Anesthesia
10 ways your anesthesia providers can boost patient satisfaction.

7 Efficiency-Boosting Anesthesia Products
These solutions help you move patients from pre-op to discharge as quickly and as safely as possible.

Surgery's Role in Slowing the Opioid Epidemic
Q&A with TJ Gan, MD, MBA, MHS, FRCA, internationally known post-pain management expert.

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