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Surgical tables to Position Your Patients for Success

Mizuho OSI® has surgical solutions to help improve outpatient orthopedic and spine procedures, reduce risk and improve outcomes. Minimize pressure-induced injuries, simplify OR staff workflow, and enhance efficiency with Mizuho OSI's patient positioning solutions:

Trios® Surgical Table System: the latest modular table platform with enhanced safety features, improved setup workflows, and increased weight capacity.

Ultra Shoulder Positioner: attaches to general surgery tables and maintains patients in a beach chair position for shoulder procedures.

Levó Head Positioning System: allows intraoperative adjustments in a safe, controlled manner without having to break scrub.

Hana® SC Surgery Center Table: the gold standard for patient positioning in hip arthroscopy and anterior hip replacement procedures.

Patient Care Kits: vacuum-packed disposables designed specifically for Mizuho tables to manage pressure, shear, and friction forces during surgery.

For more information, visit mizuhosi.com or click on "Learn More" below.

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