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Why Reconstruct Torn Ligaments When You Can Repair Them?

Get your patients back in the game! Arthrexs innovative InternalBrace ligament augmentation procedure helps protect surgically repaired ligaments from reinjury. Acting much like an internal seat belt, InternalBrace limits excessive movement that may overstretch or harm the underlying ligament repair but allows freedom for normal function. And InternalBrace ligament augmentation isnt just for ATFL repair. Its also used to protect surgical repair of the AC Joint, UCL, MCL, Achilles tendon, Spring Ligament and thumb UCL. InternalBrace ligament augmentation uses SwiveLock suture anchors and FiberTape, SutureTape or LabralTape sutures for knotless solutions for sports injuries throughout the body.

For more information, visit AdArthrex.com/IB or click on "Learn More" below.

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