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Controlling Pain Has Never Been Easier and Safer

This highly customizable electronic pump from InfuTronix includes an impressive set of options. A 12-protocol library delivers flexibility with critical safeguards. Choose the base rate of anesthesia and bolus. With SmartStart, extend pain control by delaying therapy for up to 24 hours. OnCall Demand bolus options give patients personalized pain control at the press of a button. The powerful InfuMed Tracker tells providers and patients how much medication has been used and how much remains, while SmartAlerts warns of therapy interruptions. Nimbus II PainPRO's compact size means it can be worn comfortably over the shoulder or around the waist without impeding mobility. Nimbus II PainPRO is recyclable and has a performance life of up to 240 hours.

For more information, call (844)-479-8500, visit www.nimbuspainpro.com/gofarther or click on "Learn More" below.

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