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Fight Biofilm Where It Matters

Fight biofilm at point of use with Certols medical infection prevention products and instrument cleaning and sterile reprocessing products for medical offices, hospitals, and surgery centers, including:

    ProEZ super-concentrated quad enzyme automatic washer detergent quickly dissolves all common surgical soils including proteins, blood, fats, and starches, and offers versatile applications in ultrasonic cleaning devices. Helps prevent dried soils in lumens and channels, meets manufacturer IFUs for cleaning agents, and is validated at room temperature with corrosion inhibitors.

    QEZ Bedside Kits for immediate precleaning of endoscopes make immediate bedside cleaning quick and easy. Fresh, rapid-acting concentrated four-enzyme formula has proven cleaning efficacy at room temperature. Every kit offers space-saving design and freshly activated detergent for the strongest cleaning action.

Certols trial program allows your office or facility to use their product at no cost to ensure satisfaction.

For more information, call (800) 843-3343, visit www.certol.com or click on "Learn More" below.

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