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It’s Like Having Another Pair of Hands in the OR

The De Mayo D2 Knee Positioner from Innovative Medical Products is the perfect positioning companion for robotic TKA, improving upon the original De Mayo Knee Positioner family of products by offering better surgeon control and easier cleaning. Like the original, the D2s single-locking lever allows for precise control, and its ease of use saves surgical time. The same lever releases the boot for testing of ligament stability during ROM testing, and the positioner is easily set up in the sterile field on the top of the surgical drapes. A redesigned carriage and locking system delivers on both easy removal and improved holding power, helping to make knee joint replacement surgeries easier for all types of cases, including bariatric. The D2 carriage spring level now provides better control of handle location and more precise control of flexion, extension, tilt, and rotation.

For more information, call (800) 467-4944, visit www.impmedical.com or click on "Learn More" below.

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