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Breathe Easier With This Smoke Evacuation Pencil

Research shows surgical smoke can contain viruses, bacteria and carcinogens that may potentially cause respiratory inflammation, infection and disease. Fight back with the Ultra Vac smoke evacuation pencil from Megadyne. Its telescopic tip extends for deep procedures, enabling more concise smoke evacuation while the tip is closer to the surgical site. The Ultra Vac has an ultra-slim profile and comes with cord-in tubing, allowing for a swivel elbow and more range of motion for surgeons. Its design increases the velocity of airflow, drawing smoke away from the surgical site without clouding the surgeon's field of vision. And there's no need to change tips with the easily cleaned electrosurgical tip. Free sample!

For more information, call 800-747-6110, visit www.megadyne.com or click on "Learn More" below.

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