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Make Continuous Nerve Blocks More Efficient

No matter which method your clinicians use to locate the nerve plexus, B. Braun has you covered. All its new continuous nerve block trays now include a disposable Civco ultrasound probe cover and gel. The NB300 tray includes a drape, Chloraprep surgical prep, needles, syringes, a catheter label, and the ultrasound probe cover and gel. The NB400 TKU includes all the same components plus a 4-inch Tuohy procedural needle. The NB200 TKU includes a 2-inch rather than a 4-inch needle. The tray is especially helpful for less experienced clinicians, because the components help lead them through the procedures.

For more information, call (800) 227-2862, email a nerve block specialist at pnb.us@bbraunusa.com, visit www.bbraunusa.com or click on the "Learn More" below.

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