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Treat Osteochondral Lesions With This Innovative Technique

Enhance subchondral bone marrow lesion treatment outcomes by performing IntraOsseous BioPlasty (IOBP). It's a biologic surgical technique used for bone pathologies resulting from acute or chronic injury, including bone marrow lesions and spontaneous knee osteonecrosis. Arthrex offers options for the treatment of these pathologies using its Angel platelet-rich plasma concentrate (cPRP) and bone marrow processing system. Perform a core decompression of the lesion and a direct application of customized cPRP from bone marrow aspirate with a proprietary platelet sensor and one-button automation. IOBP encourages physiologic bone remodeling and repair.

For more information, visit Ad.Arthrex.com/IOBP or click on "Learn More" below.

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