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Superbugs Don't Stand A Chance Against This Sterilizer

Deliver a knockout punch to CRE and other superbugs by sterilizing your flexible endoscopes with the EOGas 4 from Andersen Products. This tabletop ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilizer employs a unique bag and cartridge configuration. At the start of each 3.5-hour cycle, excess air is automatically removed from the bag. No dead space means no wasted gas. EOGas 4 needs just 17.6g of EtO per cycle. Compact and easy to install, this FDA-cleared system requires no water or vacuum lines, just a port to the outside. It's ideal for even the most sensitive instruments.

For more information, call (800) 523-1276, visit www.anpro.com or click on "Learn More" below.

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