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You May Never Have To Replace The Bulb In This Headlight

The plasma lamp in BFW's new Chromalume Turbo headlight lasts 10,000 hours, meaning that if you used it for eight straight hours every workday for four years it would still have a good six months of light left! Normal brightness is 170,000 LUX or 17,000 foot-candles of illumination, but you can put this light in Quick Touch Turbo Mode and immediately accelerate all the way up to 220,000 LUX or 22,000 foot-candles @ 40cm or 16" (exceeding 300-watt Xenon). The intensity and color remain remarkably consistent for the life of the lamp.

The headlight has many other features; for more information call (800) 717-4673, visit www.bfwinc.com/chromalume.aspx

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