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Save Money and Do Hernia Cases Faster With This Balloon System

Hernia surgeons will be able to create and maintain the space they need for total extraperitoneal hernia surgery easily, quickly and confidently with disposable and resposable balloon systems from Pajunk. To dissect the peritoneum from the abdominal wall, use a blunt obturator to introduce a dilatation balloon, then inflate. The balloon will separate the layers and tamponade any bleeding. If you use insufflation gas to maintain the space, you can use a ring anchor balloon to seal in the gas; the ring anchor balloon includes a working channel for your laparoscopic instruments. The systems come in disposable and resposable models in all shapes and sizes; all are made in Germany. The resposable systems save as much as 50 percent in case costs.

For more information, call (770) 493-6832 , visit www.PajunkAdvantage.com or click on the "Learn More" below.

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