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Why Patients and Employees Love Introcan Safety Catheters

Safety is automatic with B. Braun's patented Introcan Safety IV Catheter. And that's just one reason to love it. The super-sharp patented universal bevel tip allows entry with a variety of approach angles. It creates a unique "V"-shaped incision that produces less tearing and greater comfort for patients. But the catheter's signature feature is its "double-flashback" sign—once the needle tip is in the vein, the clinician knows it, because clear flashback chamber fills with blood. Now advance the catheter with the easy to use push-off plate—a one-handed operation. Once the space between the cathether and the needle fills with blood—the second flashback—the clinician knows that the catheter is in place, and it's safe to withdraw the needle. As the needle emerges, a safety clip automatically and permanently covers the needle tip to prevent injuries. This safety machanism cannot be bypassed. It's available in both FEP and PUR, with and without wings, 14 ga. to 24 ga.

For more information, call (800) BBRAUN2 (227-2862), visit introcansafety.bbraunusa.com or click on "Learn More" below.

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