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This System Makes Transcription, Charting and Coding a Piece of Cake

Make your surgeons happier, your surgery center more efficient and your cash flow more robust with a suite of web-based services from Surgical Notes. Do your transcription with SNChart, a sophisticated web-based transcription app that allows surgeons to dictate and sign their notes from anywhere they are, using their mobile devices; turnaround is just one day. Let Surgical Notes code for you with SNCoder, a web-based coding platform that features Certified Professional Coders with a minimum of 10 years' experience. Eliminate chart prep, sticky labels and storage issues with ScanChart, a customized EMR that automates chart building and stores them for easy access. All solutions are HIPAA compliant.

For more information, call 800-459-5616, visit www.surgicalnotes.com or click on "Learn More" below.

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