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A One-Two Punch for Faster, Better Laparoscopy

Pair the Olympus EndoEye Flex 3D articulating HD 3D laparoscopic surgical video system with the Olympus Thunderbeat electrosurgery device and what do you get? More precise surgical procedures with even greater efficiency. The EndoEye restores natural 3D vision and depth perception to laparoscopic procedures, making it much easier to identify tissue planes. The articulating scope tip helps surgeons see exactly what they need to without losing the visual horizon. Thunderbeat, a versatile blood vessel-sealing and tissue-cutting device, combines advanced bipolar and ultrasonic energies into a single multi-functional hand instrument. Surgeons can simultaneously seal and cut vessels up to 7 mm in size with minimal thermal spread. Thunderbeat boasts impressive cutting speed, reliable vessel sealing and high grasping forces at the tip.

For more information, call 800-848-9024, visit www.medical.olympusamerica.com/osur or click on "Learn More" below.

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