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The Most Convenient Way to Do Surface Disinfection

Make surface disinfection easy and simple with Opti-Cide3 from Micro-Scientific. Opti-Cide disinfects surgical equipment surfaces in two minutes and non-clinical surfaces in 10 seconds. It kills bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria TB and pathogenic fungus. It cleans dried blood, particulate matter, spores, cellular debris and other bodily soils from surfaces quickly and safely. You can use it on infusion pumps, respiratory care equipment and O.R. and E.R. surfaces, but also on telephones, computer keyboards and more. Opti-Cide is safe for clear plastics, vinyl, Plexiglass and metal and painted surfaces. That means you can use just one product for all surfaces, saving you money and storage space. It's ready to use in the bottle--no mixing necessary.

For more information, call 888-253-2536, visit www.micro-sci.com or click on "Learn More" below.

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