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Reprocessing is a Snap With these Versatile Power Systems

Drilling, burring and sawing large and small bones just got a lot easier, thanks to the DrillSaw modular power system from Arthrex. The brushless motor is completely sealed, preventing ingress of debris and making it washer safe. Turnaround is quick since the medical-grade PEEK housing cools quickly after autoclaving, You always start with a full charge; the lithium battery does not lose charge during sterilization. The DrillSaw Max 600 large bone system handles heavy-duty procedures while still delivering impressive tactile feedback. The lightweight DrillSaw Mini 300 is perfect for osteotomies, small bone operations and small joint arthroplasty. Watch for the new DrillSaw Sports 400, designed for sports medicine procedures as well as large and small bone trauma applications.

For more information, call (800) 9340-4404, visit http://ad.arthrex.com/powersys or click on "Learn More" below.

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