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This Topical Skin Adhesive Sets Fasts, Holds Tight

Seal wounds safely, powerfully, quickly and with a minimum of hassle with Cardinal Health's LiquiBand OCTYL. Liquiband sets in a little over a minute, almost twice as fast as competing products. Its high-strength formula provides powerful wound site protection; tests show market-leading tensile and lap-shear strength. The tube tip does not prematurely dry or clog; LiquiBand OCTYL can be expressed for up to 90 minutes after activation. Any burning sensation patients feel is minimized thanks to its low exothermic reaction. Ready to use out of the box, LiquiBand OCTYL's winged applicator helps provide controlled application. The adhesive sloughs off naturally within 5-10 days. See how LiquiBand OCTYL's performance compared to other topical skin adhesives in an independent lab test at www.cardinalhealth.com/stackup.

For more information, call 800-964-5227, visit www.cardinalhealth.com/stackup or click on "Learn More" below.

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