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Patient Positioning Is Easier With These Devices

Optimize exposure while protecting patients with the family of positioning devices from Innomed. The Robb Leg Positioner features a slotted base that allows the leg to be easily flexed or extended during knee surgery. The foot piece can also be rotated. The George Arthroscopic Knee Positioner provides lateral and superior support which allows valgus stress to open the medial compartment. This unique positioner does not squeeze the thigh, making thigh tourniquets optional. The Nicholson Headrest eliminates the need to prop up patients' heads with bulky towels. It elevates and cradles the patient's head in the beach chair position, providing full access to the shoulder. Free trials available!

For more information, call 912-236-0000, visit www.innomed.net or click on "Learn More" below.

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