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You've Been Sued: Now What?

We all know that patients sometimes experience bad outcomes in healthcare. Unfortunately, almost 20,000 times per year, bad outcomes lead to malpractice suits. When it happens, you can't turn back the clock and do the case over. But you can maximize your chances for justice, reduce exposure for your facilities and make the ordeal easier on yourself if you're prepared. Learn the ropes at OR Excellence this fall in "You've Been Sued: Now What?" a presentation by Jan Kleinhesselink, RN, BSHM, and Carmen Lester, RN, JD. To read a Q&A with these speakers, please visit us at: www.orexcellence.com/conference-connections/2013/02/14

For more information, call 888-YOUR ORX (888-968-7679), visit www.orexcellence.com or click on "Learn More" below.

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