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Sharps Safety That Works

Don't let your facility be a statistic. SANDEL sharps safety products from Ansell can help you avoid sharps injuries, estimated to occur to healthcare workers hundreds of thousands of times annually. Disposable Safety Scalpels feature a retracting protective shield and include a removable "time out" reminder sleeve. Protect employees during blade changes with Change-A-Blade. Compatible with any stainless steel or carbon blade, this #3 handle with safety shield protects workers while the blade is not in use. Facilitate hands-free transfer of sharps with our Stretch-A-Tray and Z-Tray disposable trays. Or use the non-slip Z-Friction Drape, colored bright orange for noticeability in the sterile field or on the Mayo stand. The reusable and highly recognizable SharpsRink neutral zone reminds surgeons and techs exactly where sharp instruments should go.

For more information, call (866) 764-3327, visit www.ansell.com/sharpssafety or click on "Learn More" below.

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