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This C-arm is Sleeker, Safer, and More Economical

If you are a fan of economy, efficiency and safety, your next C-arm should be a Hologic Fluoroscan Insight. The Insight costs only half to a third as much as a traditional large C-arm. It's also inexpensive to operate, because the surgeon and circulator can do everything-no X-ray tech needed. You can position and drape the Insight rapidly, and you can swing it in and out of the field when you need more operative space. The footprint is small, making the Insight easy to store. Best of all, the Insight outputs only a fraction of the radiation of a big C, resulting in less exposure for patients, staff and physicians. The images are exquisite, helped by a software algorithm that automatically adjusts the radiation to provide a finely detailed image, even in the presence of a metallic implant.

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