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Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 10/13/20; Materials: 10/17/20

Featured Articles

  • 10 Ways to Deal With Drug or Fluid Shortages
  • What You May Not Know About Surgical Video
  • The Future is Smoke-Free, and It’s Beautiful
  • Update on Intracameral Medications
  • Fine-Tune Your PONV Strategy
  • We Can Do Hypothermia Prevention Better
  • The Case for Continuous Nerve Blocks
  • Thinking of Buying...AERs
  • These Tools Helped Us Fight Spine Surgery SSIs
  • Should You Consolidate Your Total Joint Supplier?
  • What's New in BPH Treatment
  • How We Streamlined Our Robotic Surgery Program
  • What's New in Capsulorhexis
  • Your Options in Accreditation
  • The Case for an Instrument-Tracking System
Surgeon Pleasers Supplement

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 10/6/20; Materials: 10/10/20


If your product improves surgeon satisfaction and loyalty, deliver the message to facility leaders in this affordable supplement. Picture a full page featuring your surgeon champion and your product together, complete with a brief testimonial about your product. We do all the production work, and can help with the creative upon request! The issue is packaged with the magazine, distributed at surgical shows and your ad also appears on our popular "Did You See This?" portal.


Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 11/17/20; Materials: 11/21/20

Featured Articles

  • The Pit Crew Approach to Speeding Room Turnover
  • Can We Predict Malignant Hyperthermia?
  • Strategies for Better Pre-Admission Info Collection
  • Inventory Strategies for Prefilled Syringes
  • Thinking of Buying...Rigid Sealed Containers
  • The ABCs of Precleaning Instruments
  • Augmented Reality in Sinus Surgery
  • ERAS and Outpatient Total Joints
  • The Case for Capnography in Sedation
  • Update on DVT prevention
  • Game-Changing Advances in Surgical Video
  • Should You do an Enhanced Time Out?
  • What's New in Spine Robotics
  • Software for More Efficient GI Service
  • The Powerful Case for Bilateral Cataract Surgery
January 2021

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 12/11/20; Materials: 12/18/20

Featured Articles

  • 2021 Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey
  • Solving Wrong-Site Surgery
  • Are You Ready for the Shoulder Replacement Boom?
  • We Revolutionized Our Surface Disinfection Process
  • Are You Prepared for an MH Emergency?
  • Thinking of Buying… C-Arms
  • Lessons Learned from High-VolumeGI Centers
  • PPE Guidelines in Today's OR
  • Implant the Correct IOL, Every Time
  • What's New in Abdominal Surgery Robots

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 12/2/20; Materials: 12/9/20

  • Tips for Safer and Effective AirwayManagement
  • Communication Apps Keep Patients Connected
  • 5 Ways to Prevent Cancelled Cases
  • Stepping Up Surface Cleaning Protocols
  • Proven Strategies for Managing PPE Levels
  • Making the Case for Whole Room Disinfection
  • Regional Anesthesia Reduces the Riskof Surgery
  • Same-Day Surgery Is the Safest Choice
  • These Facilities Mastered the Pandemic Response
  • Lessons Learned From COVID-19

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February 2021

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 1/8/21; Materials: 1/15/21

  • Is Cardiovascular Care in ASCs the Next Big Thing?
  • Nasal Decolonization Helped Slash Our SSI Rate
  • Meeting Colonoscopy Demand in COVID-19
  • Patient Warming Tools and Techniques
  • Hot Trends in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
  • Heads-Up Surgery Improves Eye Surgeon Ergonomics
  • Ace Your Next Accreditation Survey
  • Imaging Advances in the OR
  • Can You Pass This Medication Safety Quiz?
  • Understanding Pre- and Post-Surgery Nutrition
SPECIAL EDITION: Surgical Construction & Design

Insertion Orders: Orders: 1/4/21; Materials: 1/11/21

  • OSM Facility of the Year Awards:New Construction and Renovation
  • How to Outfit for Ophthalmology
  • Choosing the Right Technology and CapitalEquipment for Your OR
  • How to Outfit for Orthopedics
  • Which Ownership Model is Right for You?
  • How to Outfit for Spine Surgery
  • Envisioning the Hybrid OR
  • How to Outfit for ENT
  • New Surgical Construction Bulletin:2021 Trend Report
  • How to Outfit a GI Endoscopy Center
March 2021

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 2/5/21; Materials: 2/12/21

  • Has COVID-19 Changed AirwayManagement for Good?
  • Telehealth and Patient Communication Apps Are More Important Than Ever
  • What's New in Surgical Lighting
  • Are Your Surgeons Performing Uni-Knees?
  • New Treatment Options Put an End to GERD
  • Current Trends in Arthroscopy
  • How High-Volume Facilities PerformEfficient Eye Surgery
  • Thinking of Buying… Smoke Evacuators
  • These Drug Advances Improve Cataract Surgery Outcomes
  • Proven Ways to Prevent Slips and Trips
SPECIAL EDITION: Pain Management

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 2/1/21; Materials: 2/8/21

  • How and Why We Added Regional Anesthesia
  • New IV Drugs Advance Post-Op Analgesia
  • Proven Ways to Extend Pain Relief Beyond Discharge
  • Pain Management in the Era of ERAS
  • These Rehab Apps Guide Patients to Successful Recoveries
  • Innovations in Wound Care Management
  • PONV Prevention Boosts Patient Comfort
  • Pain Management Protocols for the Opioid Tolerant Patient
  • Cryoanalgesia's Expanding Role inProviding Pain Relief
  • How We Built Our Chronic PainManagement Program
April 2021

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: Orders: 3/5/21; Materials: 3/12/21

  • Take Your Total Joints Program to the Next Level
  • Why We Made the Switch to Pre-Filled Syringes
  • COVID-19 Changed Surface Cleaning Protocols Forever
  • Solutions to Help Patients Pay for Surgery
  • Thinking of Buying… Video Laryngoscopes
  • Update on Cataract Surgery
  • It Takes a Total Team Effort to Reduce SSIs
  • AI and New Tools Increase Adenoma Detection Rates
  • Can You Pass This Infection Prevention Quiz?
  • Innovative Ways to Disinfect Your OR

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 3/1/21; Materials: 3/8/21

  • The Future of ENT Robotic Surgery
  • Sterilization Technology in the OR
  • Virtual Options for Improved Patient Communication
  • Advances in Abdominal Surgery Robots
  • Robotics Improves Orthopedic Outcomes
  • Exciting Developments in Cataract Procedures
  • The Future of Anesthesia
  • The Next Big Thing in Surgical Video
  • New Frontiers in the Wireless OR
  • Update on Minimally Invasive Abdominal Surgery
May 2021

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 4/9/21; Materials: 4/16/21

  • The Emerging Use of Cryoanalgesia to Manage Post-Op Pain
  • Pros and Cons of Anterior vs. Posterior Hip Replacements
  • Optimizing Fracture Repair Outcomes in Hand and Wrist Cases
  • Achieving Success in Kidney Stone Removal
  • Keeping Sharps Safety Top of Mind
  • Advances in Imaging for the GI Surgery Center
  • Tools for Patient Safety and Positioning
  • Outfit ORs to Improve Surgeon Comfort
  • Smart Apps for Patient Communication and Satisfaction
  • Financial Management Tools and Tips
SPECIAL EDITION: Infection Control

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 4/5/21; Materials: 4/12/21

  • Update on Hand Hygiene During COVID-19
  • Understanding the Importance of Nasal Decolonization
  • Fast and Clean Tips for Effective Room Turnovers
  • Patient Warming Helps to Prevent SSIs
  • Sterile Processing Improvements Reduced Infection Risks
  • Effective Use of Rigid Sterilization Containers
  • Achieving High Reliability in Endoscope Care
  • Update on Proper Airflow Management
  • Best Skin Prepping Techniques
  • How We Are Winning the Fight Against SSIs
June 2021

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 5/7/21; Materials: 5/14/21

  • How to Choose the Best Anesthesia Machine
  • Successful Management of the Pediatric Orthopedic Patient
  • Thinking of Buying… Spine Tables
  • Update on Medication Storage and Safety Measures
  • Building Team Resilience during COVID-19
  • Can You Pass This Patient Safety Quiz?
  • Software Solutions to Keep the Surgical Schedule on Track
  • 5 Easy Ways to Prevent Endophthalmitis

Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Exclusive Editorial Section

OR of the Future: Innovations in Surgery

Insertion Orders: 5/3/21; Materials: 5/10/21


Give our readers an in-depth look at your latest products/services in this new supplement which offers a powerful trend report. You’ll receive a 2-page spread for the price of a 1-page ad in our regular issue. Display an ad on one page and your custom content on the opposite page, or use the spread for your message. You’ll be placed in acompelling environment that showcases the innovations readers care about most. Mailed with our monthly issue, your product will also be included in the Hot Products section—plus the “Did You See This” portal online.
Distributed exclusively at AORN EXPO

July 2021

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 6/4/21; Materials: 6/11/21

  • Understanding the Benefits of Pre-Op Carb Loading
  • Tips for Better Instrument Care and Cleaning
  • What's New in C-Arm Advances
  • Are Video Laryngoscopes Finally the Standard of Care?
  • Power Tools Your Surgeons Will Love
  • Advances in Image-Guided Sinus Surgery
  • Technologies and Tips for Preventing Retained Objects
  • 5 Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of Pre-Op Time Outs
  • Update on Glaucoma Surgery Tools and Techniques
  • Patient-Specific Temperature Management Plans Work
OR Excellence Preview

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 5/31/21; Materials: 6/7/21

This is a great opportunity to introduce your product or service in our special publication, 2021 OR Excellence Preview, which showcases our premier fall meeting with expert speakers. Advertise in this special polybagged supplement to our July issue—and reach our entire readership.

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OR Excellence
August 2021

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 7/9/21; Materials: 7/16/21

  • What's New in Outpatient Urology Procedures
  • These Little Cost Savings Ideas Add Up to Big Savings
  • Best Practices in Sharps Safety
  • Run a Lean and Mean Sterile Processing Department
  • Thinking of Buying… Video Monitors
  • Making the Case for Cleaning the OR Air
  • Can You Pass This Safety Quiz?
  • Compliance with Protocols for Handling Hazardous Drugs
  • Best Practices in DVT Prevention
  • Advances in Plastic Surgery

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 7/5/21; Materials: 7/12/21

  • The Benefits of Regional Blocks
  • Best Practices in GI Anesthesia
  • Going NPO is So 10 Years Ago
  • Finding the Right Anesthesia Machine for Your ASC
  • Improve Airway Management During Monitored Anesthesia Care
  • Why It Pays to Prevent PONV
  • The Case for Adding Chronic Pain Management
  • Update on AI to Provide Opioid-Free Surgery
  • Oral Sedation Update
  • Preventing Hypothermia and Keeping Patients Safe
September 2021

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 8/6/21; Materials: 8/13/21

  • 13th Annual OR Excellence Awards
    • Patient Safety
    • Pain Control
    • Patient Satisfaction
    • Financial Management
    • Employee Safety
    • Infection Prevention
    • Environmental Stewardship
  • Preparing High-Risk Patients for Low-Risk Surgery
  • 5 Procedures Transformed by Robotic Assistance
  • How to Outfit Your OR for Cardiac Cases
  • Pearls for Protecting Patients in Steep Trendelenburg
  • Thinking of Buying… Power Tools
  • Let's Standardize Endoscope Reprocessing Training
SPECIAL EDITION: Orthopedic Surgery

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 8/2/21; Materials: 8/9/21

  • Keys to Multimodal Pain Management in Total Joints
  • Tips on Mastering Joint Replacement Bundled Payments
  • Managing the Growth of Outpatient Hip Surgery as Boomers Age
  • The Newest Imaging Advances for Ortho
  • Positioning Pointers for Shoulder Procedures
  • The Case for Robotic-Assisted Total Knees
  • Advances in Foot and Ankle Surgery
  • The Case for Adding Outpatient Trauma and Fracture Repair
  • Options in Fluid Waste Management
  • Is Your ASC Ready for Spine Surgery?
October 2021

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 9/10/21; Materials: 9/17/21

  • Personalized Post-Op Pain Plans Improve Outcomes
  • The Promising Future of Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery
  • These Tools and Techniques Speed Room Turnovers
  • Exploring the Latest Advances in Endoscopic Spine Surgery
  • We Standardized Our Skin Prepping Protocols
  • Can You Pass This Pain Control Quiz?
  • Best Treatment Options in Wound Care
  • Thinking of Buying… Patient Positioning Devices
  • Don't Overspend on Anesthesia Equipment
  • Winning Strategies for Success in Total Joints

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 9/6/21; Materials: 9/13/21

  • Keeping Cool During an MH Crisis
  • Overcoming Common Barriers of Safe Sharps Handling
  • Standardized Surgical Counts to Prevent Retained Objects
  • The Secrets of Our Smoke Evacuation Success
  • Keep Meds Safe and Secure from Procurement to Disposal
  • How to Handle Patients Ergonomically Every Time
  • Best Ways to Prevent Slips and Trips in the OR
  • Solving Wrong-Site Surgery
  • Advances in Electrosurgery Safety
  • How C-Arms Assist Radiation Safety
November 2021

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 10/8/21; Materials: 10/15/21

  • Best Practices in Pressure Injury Prevention
  • 4K Improves How Surgeons See Surgery
  • Improving the Care of High BMI Patients
  • The Benefits of Low-Flow Anesthesia
  • Advances in Post-Operative Pain Management
  • Optimize Patients for Optimal Outcomes
  • Thinking of Buying… Flexible Endoscopes
  • Proven Strategies for Starting Every First Case on Time
  • Making the Case for Dropless Cataract Surgery
  • Protecting Patients During Monopolar and Bipolar Electrosurgery
The 2022 Manager's Guide: Big Book of Surgery

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 10/4/21; Materials: 10/11/21

OR Excellence

This exclusive up-to-date guide for OR managers offers excellent visibility for your product or service reaching ASCs, Hospitals and Office-based Surgery Centers. Be sure your product is included in our year-end compilation of the most important products of 2021—reserve your space to be a part of this valuable reference tool! Polybagged with the November issue, our 2022 Manager's Guide: Big Book of Surgery will reach the most influential decision-makers in the surgical community.

December 2021

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 11/12/21; Materials: 11/19/21

  • We Manage Post-Op Pain Without Opioids
  • The Latest on Surgical Attire Guidelines and Recommendations
  • It's Time to Reprioritize Infection Control Protocols
  • Update on DVT Prevention
  • Can You Pass This Patient Satisfaction Quiz?
  • You, Too, Can Go Green
  • Techniques for Improved Refractive Outcomes in Cataract Surgery
  • Creating Efficiencies in Your Throughput Process
  • Choosing a Mobile Fluid Waste Management System
  • Powered Instrumentation Advances in Abdominal Surgery
2022 Outpatient Surgery Outlook: Megatrends, Influencers & Forecasts

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 11/8/21; Materials: 11/15/21

OR Excellence

Showcase your products or services in this new publication that will create a buzz and influence OR decision-makers. You'll want to be placed within the 2022 Outpatient Surgery Outlook to showcase your trend-setting products. This trend report will canvas our readers' perceptions, surgery improvements and new tools in a five-year window, forecasting megatrends. Mailed with the December issue, your product will also be included in the Hot Products section—plus the "Did You See This" portal online.

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