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2021 Ad Preparation Guidelines - Digital


Website and Digital Power Play


Top Banners: 378 pixels wide x 82 pixels high, total ad size should not exceed 30kb

Right Side Banners for Website: 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high, total ad size should not exceed 75kb.

Additional Information:

  • Images should be JPEG or GIF format at 72 pixels per inch and placed in the ad at 100%, no resizing please. We also accept animated GIFs.
  • For the website only (NOT Power Play), we accept DoubleClick, JavaScript and IFRAME ads. Customers using these will provide their own click and view tracking (we will be unable to provide tracking).
  • Please provide us with the destination URL for your ad.
  • Send ad materials to:



Our team will create the Product Showcase and Hot Product entries for the OR of the Future: Innovations in Surgery (June), OR Excellence Preview (July), The 2022 Managers Guide: Big Book of Surgery (November), and 2022 Outpatient Surgery Outlook: Megatrends, Influencers & Forecasts (December) at no charge. Qualifying companies receive these value add product placements consisting of a digital product image, a logo and a text description.

To submit your information for us to use, please follow these guidelines:

Product Images: Digital images with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Color mode CMYK (JPG, TIF or EPS). Images for fractional page ads may be up to 5" wide or high.

Logos: Logos for fractional page ads may be up to 3" wide or high.

Descriptions: Text for the Product Showcase or Hot Products ads should be 75-100 words. Copy will be edited to fit. Please provide contact phone number and url.


E-Blast Specs

Measurements and File Sizes: E-Blasts can have a max of 700 pixels wide and the download size (inclusive of HTML, content, images, etc.) should be no more than 75kb.

HTML Programming: Standard HTML and inline CSS code only. External files should not be referenced (CSS, JS, etc.). Do not use JavaScript or other scripting languages. To avoid spam filters, maximize the text-to-image ratio; the optimal ratio is 60/40 with around 500 characters (including spaces) of text. We cannot accept e-mails that are over 60% images.

Images: JPEG and GIF image formats only. Animated GIFs are not recommended. Images must be hosted on a website or may be subject to additional charges. Place images in the E-Blast at 100% without resizing. Do not include rich media (e.g. Flash animations, SWF files, video, etc.).

Tracking and Disclaimers: We include a tracking image to record openings. A small CAN-SPAM Act disclaimer will be included at the bottom of all E-Blasts.

Additional Specifications/Information:

  • We recommend a maximum of 50 characters for the subject line.
  • Please provide a plain text version of the E-Blast for us to deliver to non-HTML e-mails.
  • Please include your physical address in the footer or bottom of the e-mail.
  • HTML programming assistance and/or image hosting are available for additional fees.
  • Send to



We create DYST entries from your print ad materials at no charge. No additional materials are necessary. However, to submit your information for us to use, please follow these guidelines:

Product Images:JPEG or GIF format at 72 dpi. Acceptable sizes (in pixels) are: 400x400, 800x300 or 300x800. Ideally, images should be of a product or service with no text. In addition, please also provide a high resolution CMYK image with the dimensions (in pixels): 900x900 at 300 dpi.

Headlines: The maximum character count is 60 characters, including spaces. Headlines should tease a benefit of the service and ideally not include the company or product name.

Descriptions: Text should be 75-100 words. Provide contact phone number and url.

Send ad materials to:


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Ad Preparation Guidelines - Digital

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