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Pain Management

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Safety: Avoid Opioid-Related Respiratory Depression

Continuous electronic monitoring tops pulse oximetry or spot checks.

Posted 10/04/17 | Michael Wong, JD | Post a comment

Study: Long-Term Opioid Use Rarely Starts With Surgery

Some have blamed surgeons for the opioid crisis, but a study found chronic opioid users rarely got their first prescriptions after surgery.

Posted 08/23/17 | 2 comments

Do Drug-Free Interventions Reduce Pain or Opioid Consumption After Total Knee Arthroplasty?

Researchers find that electrotherapy and acupuncture might reduce and delay opioid consumption, but do little to control pain.

Posted 08/17/17 | Post a comment

Maximize Multimodal Pain Management

Controlling post-op pain with fewer opioids is more important than ever.

Posted 07/25/17 | Nabil Elkassabany, MD | Post a comment

Surgery's Role in Slowing the Opioid Epidemic

Q&A with TJ Gan, MD, MBA, MHS, FRCA, internationally known post-pain management expert.

Posted 06/23/17 | Tong J. Gan, MD, MBA, MHS, FRCA | Post a comment

Are Surgeons Fueling the Opioid Epidemic?

If surgeons are "unwittingly enablers of addiction, abuse and overdosage," how should they manage post-op pain?

Posted 04/06/17 | Daniel Cook, Editor-in-Chief | 1 comment

A Smarter Approach To Post-Op Pain Management

The newest infusion pumps offer high-tech solutions to surgery's age-old problem.

Posted 03/23/17 | Daniel Cook, Editor-in-Chief | 1 comment

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