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On Point: Surgery's Trendsetting Specialty

Orthopedics continues to drive innovation in outpatient care.

Posted 08/01/19 | Louis Levitt, MD | Post a comment

20 Hot, New Orthopedic Products

Here's what we saw at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons conference.

Posted 05/16/19 | Joe Paone | Post a comment

Total Knees Go High-Tech

Robotics, custom implants and alignment tools are helping surgeons enhance joint function and improve long-term outcomes.

Posted 04/03/19 | Matthew Nojiri | 1 comment

Thinking of Buying C-arms

A look at how the newest platforms capture and store high-quality images.

Posted 02/12/19 | Richard Broderick, MD, FACS, FAANS | 1 comment

Same-Day Success Is a Multi-Person Effort

Our total joints program hinged on collaboration among a diverse team.

Posted 02/12/19 | Kimberly Jean-Louis, DNP, MSN, MPA, RN, NEA-BC; AnnMarieMoynihan, MSN, APRN, RN, ONC | Post a comment

5 Key Advances in Arthroscopy

New joint products are energizing ortho ORs with the speed and power of a rotating bur.

Posted 01/15/19 | Nathan Skelley, MD | Post a comment

How to Optimize Knee Replacements

Focus on these essential elements to send patients home happy and healthy.

Posted 12/13/18 | Jared Bilski | Post a comment

Expert Tips for Total Joint Efficiency

Build your program on these pillars of success.

Posted 09/14/18 | Mike Morsch, Associate Editor; Jeannette Sabatini, Associate Editor | Post a comment

Founder of the Famed Rothman Institute Slowing Down (Sort of) After 50 Years in the OR

Q&A with Richard H. Rothman, MD, PhD, orthopedic pioneer and healthcare entrepreneur.

Posted 08/02/18 | RichardH.Rothman, MD, PhD | Post a comment

Position Patients for Surgical Success

Surgeons want easy access and maximum exposure when working in shoulders, hips and knees.

Posted 08/02/18 | Mike Morsch, Associate Editor | Post a comment

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